Classic Marvel Adaptations

I’m always attracted to these strange one-off movie or novel adaptation comics. But just about any classic science fiction or monster comics usually leave the store with me. The weirder the better. Sure I have plenty of Werewolf By Nights and Frankenstein’s Monsters. Here are a couple of my more random finds.

Marvel AdaptationsDr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Marvel Robert Louis Stevenson Marvel

These three advertised on the back cover are definitely on my list!

Marvel Classic Comics



This is Collecting Marvel. The name pretty much says it all. I have a fairly large ongoing collection of classic Marvel comics that I want to share with everyone. This blog is a way for me to document my collection as I go.  I’ll be posting photos of comics a few times a week. Either items from my current collection or new finds as I acquire them. I have a pretty intense routine of searching, cataloging and storing that you can read more about in the Methods and Collection sections. But we’ll get into more of the boring stuff later. For now let’s get started with this sweet Marvel Con poster from 1975 drawn by John Buscema.

Note: Man-Thing, The Vision and Werewolf by Night. Three of my favs!