Collecting Marvel is a blog site dedicated to my nonstop, all-encompassing search for classic Marvel comic books.

I’ll be using this space to document my weekly findings for what I hope will one day become the ultimate silver and bronze age Marvel comic collection.

I admit, it’s a very ambitious venture. My collecting parameters currently sit roughly between Fantastic Four #1 and Amazing Spider-Man #300 (or early 60s to very early 90s) and include most of the major Marvel lines. My goal is for total completion on every series I set out to hunt down. I realize there are some issues that I will more than likely never find or be able to afford but the fun is in the hunt! This will no doubt become a lifelong project.

I’ll hopefully be touching base at least once a week through photo updates and the occasional informative tidbit. If you share my love for Marvel super heroes or comic collecting in general I would love to hear from you. Making a connection with a fellow true believer would definitely be amazing.

Stay tuned,

The Mighty Marvelite



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