Bow to the…INHUMANS!

Black Bolt! Medusa! Triton! Karnak! Gorgon! Crystal! Lockjaw! My favorite royal family from AttilanThe Inhumans!

You really can’t beat the dynamic on this team and I’m hoping and praying we get some big screen action in the next few years.  But for now check out some of my Inhumans Volume 1 collection featuring Black Bolt and the gang!


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Marvel’s Bad Boy: John Byrne

Although Mr. Byrne has constantly been surrounded by controversy, you can’t help but acknowledge his impressive contribution to the comic book world.  Most known for his work with Chris Claremont on Uncanny X-Men and his acclaimed 5 year run as writer/penciler for Fantastic Four in the 80s, he’s really paved his way to the top of the comic legend list. It has been said that John Byrne has  worked in some way on almost every major superhero.


Let’s look back at some of Byrne’s coolest pencils…


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Mego Madness

Throughout the 70s the Mego Corporation ruled the toy market with their assortment of action figure dolls. Their most popular line was the “World’s Greatest Superheroes” collection. It featured both DC and Marvel heroes packaged in a beautifully designed carded box. Here’s an ad from a classic Marvel comic:


While searching for Mego figures online I happened to stumble across quite a few custom figures. The most noteworthy were made by IllegalMego. These things are beyond cool and I want every last one of them. Take a look!


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