Classic Marvel Adaptations

I’m always attracted to these strange one-off movie or novel adaptation comics. But just about any classic science fiction or monster comics usually leave the store with me. The weirder the better. Sure I have plenty of Werewolf By Nights and Frankenstein’s Monsters. Here are a couple of my more random finds.

Marvel AdaptationsDr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Marvel Robert Louis Stevenson Marvel

These three advertised on the back cover are definitely on my list!

Marvel Classic Comics


Marvel’s Warhol: Jim Steranko

The great comic artist and legend Jim Steranko was in attendance at this year’s Dallas Comic Con. I never got around to getting a signature so I thought I’d give him a nod on the blog.  I’ve always admired his unique style. Check it out!


Jim Steranko Captain America 111 Cover Continue reading


With all the Guardians of the Galaxy talk going on these days I felt it appropriate to post some of my Star-Lord comics. I’m still desperately searching for his first appearance in Marvel Preview #4.

Star Lord in Marvel Spotlight

Star Lord Special Edition

Star-Lord Comics

Chris Pratt (Parks and Recreation) will be portraying Star-Lord in the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy movie by Marvel Studios.

Chris Pratt Star-Lord

Marvel Fireside Books

Considered to be some of the first official graphic novels, the Marvel Fireside books offered a way for fans in the 1970s to purchase Marvel stories without the difficult hunt for back issues. Check out these amazing covers!